Sam Heuck

I am a web developer, IT professional and audio engineer, and I live near Austin, TX. I specialize in devops and custom web development using a variety of open source technologies. I have a passion for the endless pursuit of practical, elegant code.

My formative years were spent learning about the value of hard work within the family business. My parents supported their family, as many of their peers did, by working in agriculture. Early in life I learned the value of grit, perseverance, and of being customer oriented by helping my parents raise and sell the food we all enjoy every day. I am grateful for my experience working in agriculture early on in life. I learned to be an excellent problem solver, and to be resourceful. These traits serve me well to this day as I put them to good use for the benefit of businesses large and small - all of which need reliable software and fast services.

I am a systems thinker - I have an instinctive drive to understand the many layers of technology from the flow of electrons, through the bits and bytes, all the way up to the squishy and ambiguous business challenges.

I don't over-focus on any one set of technology solutions, but instead concentrate on continuously learning and absorbing useful tools and techniques for solving complex business problems. I enjoy being a technology generalist and I am open-minded about all forms of technology - old and new. I believe pragmatism and practical solutions to everyday business problems are underrated, and I'm more interested in solving problems than playing with shiny tech.

Much of my experience lies within the domain of web application development. Specifically, I have used javascript, NodeJS, Python, Java, and PHP professionally. I also have experience developing and leading web application projects for a variety of businesses throughout central Texas. I have developed everything from apps for non-profit sports leagues, business accounting analytics tools, customer loyalty programs, and highly customized CRMs.

Dizzy is my dog. He is a border collie, and as such, he considers it his duty to follow me everywhere I go - including my website. He has no cattle to herd, so he herds people, and apparently, all of my code.

When Dizzy is not attempting to herd something, he is busy colluding with my son William. My wife Kristi somehow keeps them both from destroying our house...