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What were they thinking?

My thoughts on Apple's latest Ad for the new iPad Pro. Spoiler alert, it hit close to home.
The outrage is warranted.

What I'm listening to..

Dark blue stamp-like drawing of a cocked puppy dog head with very pointy ears, wearing headphones.

Snarky Puppy

I got to see this group live in Austin, TX in 2023. These musicians are akin to olympic athletes. They're that good on their instruments. Their compositions are creative and unique, and they have a sound that is unlike any other funky jazz group I have ever heard. If you get a chance, unplug from your life for an hour and listen to "We Like It Here" from 2014 - start to finish. Or any album really. Their albums are crafted with an arc that will take your ears on a roller-coaster ride. Preferably with your favorite beverage in hand.

Album Cover of In Movement by Jack DeJohnette. Swirling black & white brush-strokes.

In Movement

I had the amazing privilege of hearing Jack DeJohnette, Ravi Coltrane, and Matt Garrison play live in Austin, TX. To hear Garrison augment his incredible bass playing with electronics, Coltrane's artful saxophone playing, and DeJohnette's always impressive drumming was a dream come true.

Album cover of Balmorhea Live at Sint-Elisabethkerk. 4 classical musicians performing beneath an antique,brightly lit chandelier

Balmorhea Live at Sint-Elisabethkerk

The traditional and unique acoustic style of these two Texas musicians is a delight to listen to. They write and perform music that "evokes imagery of brilliant landscapes" that fills my spirit and reminds me of the wide open spaces I grew up in. The tone they achieve with stringed instruments is the sound of musicians who have mastered the strings. The quality of the recordings, the mix, and the master is very high, and I often reference their work when thinking about my own style of music production.

Bytes are weird... but the Rust programming language is cool...

fn main() -> Result<()> {
    let f = File::create("bytes.txt")?;
        let bytes: Vec<u8> = (0..=255).collect();
        let mut writer = BufWriter::new(f);
        match writer.write_all(&bytes) {
            Ok(()) => (),
            Err(e) => println!("ERR: {}", e),

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