Sam Heuck


  • Agile Software Projects
  • DevOps Engineering
  • Operations & Monitoring
  • Data Security
  • Data Visualization
  • Technical Leadership

About Me

  • Self-motivated
  • Creative problem solving
  • Innovative yet pragmatic
  • Fast learner


Developing front end and back end software services using Python, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Typescript, PHP, Drupal● Planning cloud automation projects AWS, Azure, Docker, Linux administration, Kubernetes, Github Actions, IaC ● Designing database schemas MySQL, Postgres, No-SQL ● Building and integrating RESTful API services ● Leading software projects using Agile & scrum & kanban ● Practicing DevOps Jenkins, Prometheus & Grafana, CI/CD, build and release tools, configuration management, container orchestration, test automation, security ● Infrastructure as code with Ansible, Terraform, CloudFormation, Chef & Puppet ● Web Design



2013 - pr. | Sam Heuck Web Development

Client: Mentrix Group

  • Greenfield app development, design collaboration on an app for online discussions
  • Front-end development with Flutter & Dart, back-end development using Firebase & Python

Client: Silver Bow Technology Group

  • Produced a technology stack audit and roadmap recommendations
  • Collaborated with offshore developers to address security risks with existing software orchestration and deployments to AWS ECS, Fargate, ECR, ELB, RDS, CloudFormation
  • Set up formal Agile process and Kanban boards for multiple product teams
  • Led development of new custom CRM (SaaS product) to replace aging software solution
  • Created a DevOps automation pipeline hosted on serverless cloud infrastructure to handle Docker container orchestration and deployments using AWS ECS, ECR, ELB, RDS, and CloudFormation

Client: Aristo Global: Custom Catalyst Solutions

  • Developed and deployed a sales quote tool for emission-reducing engine catalysts

Senior DevOps Engineer

Nov 2022 - Apr 2023 | Projekt202

Short-term contract MUFJ Financial Group

  • Supported development teams by maintaining Jenkins pipelines
  • Collaborated with multiple stakeholder groups to migrate CI/CD to Azure DevOps

Senior Software Developer

Jul 2019 - Oct 2022 | Interactive Health Technologies


  • Collaborated with regional sales manager to secure $100K P/O by delivering new features on time
  • Integrated a Single Sign-On service for educators into the main software product
  • Implemented a service to consume a common data standard for K-12 student rostering
  • Built an Airflow ETL & OLAP service for processing FitnessGram® results for the Texas Education Agency
  • Finished and supported an automated report delivery system for largest customer
  • Added new features to data collection and reporting software
  • Improved communication and process with customer service
  • Reduced AWS hosting & infrastructure costs by 17%


  • Gather requirements, formalize, analyze, implement, and test new features
  • Fix bugs and respond to customer feedback
  • Plan software releases for main software products
  • Rapidly respond to outages and site performance problems
  • Coordinate with external software teams on API enhancements
  • Advise and support the business on technology related growth opportunities
  • Maintain, troubleshoot, and optimize use of AWS cloud services
  • Provide 2nd tier technical support for customer service team
  • Maintain software stacks and Linux servers (Ubuntu, CentOS)
  • Maintain and improve CI/CD for main software products

Director of Engineering / Solution Architect

Jan 2016 - Jul 2019 | Praxent


  • Built a CI/CD pipeline in AWS using Rancher, Docker & GoCD
  • Cloud architecture for various web application projects
  • Sales engineering for multiple $250,000 green field projects
  • Sourced & hired multiple software teams
  • Wrote and maintained automation for the setup and on-going operations of 3 different web applications
  • On-boarded and integrated off-shore developers for multiple projects


  • Pre-sales engineering
  • Architecture support for several project teams
  • Operations support for software teams
  • 1x1s and career development for developers
  • Recruiting & Staffing strategy
  • Represent engineering in management committee
  • Advise resource allocation team on staffing decisions


Menu Services

I worked as a DevOps specialist on an agile team of five to build a menu design and analysis tool for a large food service company. I worked closely with several teams and architects within the Business Technology unit to deploy various micro-services in AWS. I also worked with the dev team to design and build a CI/CD pipeline to allow them to iterate on the product rapidly.


May 2012 - Dec 2015 | Praxent


Interactive Health Technologies

I led a team charged with maintaining and improving a suite of software purpose-built to track health and fitness goals in schools throughout the country. The software is built with a combination of Drupal, EmberJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, and .NET, and it serves thousands of teachers and students from California to Florida.

Texas Youth Football Association

I helped build a web application that enables TYFA to certify young athletes to participate in TYFA's football and cheer sports leagues. Built in EmberJS and backed by a REST API written in Silex, the TYFA app allows hundreds of organizations across Texas to register over 15,000 athletes and 3,000 volunteers each season.

Simple Numbers

I led a team of three, and we built a web application that helps businesses summarize their financial data for an at-a-glance view of financial health. Users upload QuickBooks data files and then categorize accounts into predefined "buckets". The application can then analyze these buckets and report back to the user. It was built with Symfony2, BackboneJS, and MongoDB.

World Market Explorer

I was responsible for operations, maintenance, and feature development of the World Market loyalty rewards website. The site serves 5 million users and was built with Python on Django. It runs on a load-balanced cluster of Apache web servers, memcache and Postgres.


  • Elected to represent the engineering team in management & strategic planning meetings
  • Facilitated the engineering team to develop a vision statement
  • Established a standard for technical interviewing
  • Helped establish a formal process for code reviews
  • Helped establish a system for continuous integration & continuous deployment (CI/CD)


  • Technical leadership of web projects
  • Web application development (PHP, EmberJS, Drupal)
  • Project scheduling and task delegation
  • Recruiting and technical interviews
  • Systems administration (AWS, public cloud servers, PaaS)
  • Ensure smooth automated application deployments (DevSecOps)


Bachelor of Arts (BA) | Music Technology
Montana State University | Bozeman, Montana